Hitman Go Hack Cheats Tool

Hitman Go Hack Cheats and Tips

Ready for a Hitman Go Hack?  If you have not played it yet, you better download it form itunes now. This is a very addictive game from Square Enix Inc is a very amazing strategy-based mobile game.  A simple turn-based puzzle game where you have to think each move in the next few steps to avoid the enemies or take out target in a very small specific place.
Tools used by the Hitman includes sniper rifles, disguises, distractions and the favorite 47′s iSilverballers.  With each level you will have to use different strategy to complete it whether it be a silent approach or forceful and brute way.  But beware because each enemy and level has different and unique behaviors that will catch you by surprise.
The New Hitman Go Hack will allow you to unlock all the levels or if you just want some specific ones.  The hack will also allow you to have unlimited hit packs if you want but the will simply destroy the game.   That being said, we highly suggest to just get a few hint pack and just enjoy the thrill and strategy of the game so you can think through it. Otherwise, there is no point in playing the game.
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